More Bloggers Focusing on the Importance of the Old Testament for the Church Today

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There are three excellent blogs that are examining the Old Testament and Christianity.

John Alan Turner

Bobby Valentine (2 parts)

Frank Belizzi (2 parts)

This is something that has to be talked about more. In the church we have had our own type of lectionary by the passages we have traditionally excluded as “less important.” We do not want to have our own “canon within the canon” but want to be able to learn from and appreciate the whole of scripture in all of its richness and fullness. Yes a lot of the Old Testament points forward and we need to be informed of that and appreciate that. But we also need to appreciate the Hebrew Bible in its original context. It was the Bible of the early church.

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  1. Matt, thanks for the link. I’ve seen the posts by Bobby V. and JAT (couldn’t resist a Seuss-ism). They’re really good.

    I want to keep thinking and talking about the OT. More posts to come.

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