Wintley Phipps Sings Amazing Grace

I have to give Rick Ianniello a big thumbs up for posting this one. And I think it is just to good not to include here as well. Thanks Rick! This is a video of Wintley Phipps (president of the U.S. Dream academy – an organization dedicated to helping the children of prisoners) telling the story of How Amazing Grace was written and its links to the slave trade. His story and singing are very powerful and so I invite you to have a look for yourself.

See these comments at Keith Lancaster’s blog for more to the story of Amazing Grace. I am not certain which is right.

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  1. Rick says:

    Thanks for the link … I have had about 20000 hit my blog on that video alone in the past two months …

  2. mattdabbs says:

    And I thought my Oreo Pizza video did well 🙂

  3. The Queen says:

    Great Information!!! I enjoyed this. Keep sending and posting things like this.

  4. Bessie Shelton says:

    I have heard this song so many times but you put a feeling in the words that sent chills all over me. Your voice is very powerful. You are blessed.

  5. Bob McCay says:

    Yes, America’s other chickens have come home to roost!
    God Bless Wintley Phipps…someone who realizes a bad thing and accepted the goodness that came afterwards! We need more Black Americans to follow this character to make America the great country it is! Someone send this to Rev Wright.

  6. Gwen says:

    I have heard this story before. God never stops amazing me how he can change our lives. The spirit in which you song the song touched my soul.

    God Bless you

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