The Longest Single in Slowpitch Softball

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Our church team played a local bar last night in the city softball league. I think those guys are finally softening up to us a little bit. They normally try to start fights and be obnoxious but last night they were very classy. My second at bat last night I really got ahold of the ball and launched it into orbit. It just kept going up and up and up. As I rounded first I was so preoccupied with watching it go up, up, up that I missed tagging the base! The ball went over the left-centerfielder’s head and hit the fence but I had to run back to first to tag up. On my way back to second I realized I wasn’t going to make it and had to get back to first. I got a single out of a hit that made it to the fence. Some times you just have to laugh.  We ended up winning 31-19.

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