The Gospel According to Oprah

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Milton Stanley linked to this post a few days ago and referenced it as “The Gospel According to Oprah.” I appreciate his link and want to point out this video from Godtube. Very postmodern. This is a little dated but I doubt she would say much different today. I could be wrong.

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  1. That’s not the clip I was expecting. The one I remember is when Oprah repeated “God is love” in a similar context, with the emphasis on “is.” Yes, Bill Clinton, it depends on what the definition of “is” is. Oprah’s understanding of God then, as I understand it, is that God is an amorphous, benevolent entity or concept that can be encountered and understood in an infinite number of ways, as long as they can reasonably be traced back to the concept of “love,” as defined by the believer, of course.

    Oprah solves the problem of specific, exclusive religious claims, such as those of Christ being the only way to The Father, by redefining the terminology, so that “Jesus” can mean “the light” or “goodness” or “Buddha” or “I wasn’t as bad today as I was yesterday.”

  2. I’m uncertain as to why Christians are so upset about Oprah as if they expected her to promote a Christian worldview. She has always been rather New Age and pluralistic and I wouldn’t expect the promotion of her beliefs to be any different unless she came to know Jesus Christ. I wonder how many who are in positions of influence are taking the time to show her Christ love instead of lamenting on her erroneous beliefs?

  3. Karla,

    The reasons Christians get upset by it is that she sprinkles what she says with Christian terms and beliefs which can draw in some Christians to false beliefs and new age occultism who have no idea that is what she is promoting. That is what makers her dangerous and that is why Christians speak out against her as much as they do. I think she has good intentions and a good heart but that doesn’t make her right or her advice accurate. Thanks for commenting.

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