Google Likes Oreo Pizza + Kingdom Living

Somehow my post on Domino’s Oreo Pizza has ended up in the number one spot in the Google search for – Oreo Pizza Commercial and the number four spot under Oreo Pizza out of 1.6 million hits. That just cracks me up. Shouldn’t I get some kickbacks or something from Dominos? So just in case Dominos is looking I am telling you to go and try yourself a fresh slice of Oreo Pizza and come back to this post and let us know just how yummy it is!

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  1. OK, Matt, maybe you should get a kickback, but I really don’t like that commercial…it is so silly!

  2. No, thanks. The commercial is stupid, and the pizza is even more so.

    But you should get a kickback.

  3. mattdabbs says:

    Four hits from A.C. Nielson Marketing Research today all on the Oreo Pizza post…Something is going on.

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