Why Do Blockbuster DVD’s come default to English Subtitles

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Has anyone else experienced this? I turn on the movie and there go the subtitles. They have defaulted all their DVD’s to have English subtitles on. Is that just Blockbuster or is that universal? That just seems weird to me. Sadly, I have also noticed that Blockbusters near the beach areas have a lot of gay movies in the New Release section. I am not talking just a couple, probably close to 30 gay movies on the New Release shelf. It just makes me sick to walk past those as I am looking for something wholesome to watch. You only notice a few in the Blockbusters in the older areas of town. I don’t think that is coincidence.

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  1. dvd’s are region encoded. region 1 is US (English). Most DVD’s you can buy here in the states are region 1. You can find others on the web. Why do I know this? that’s a better question, that sadly there is no answer to.

  2. TCS,
    I can see how the audio is defaulted to English but why have a default setting of subtitles turned to on? I hit play and the subtitles are playing without me ever turning them on. All their DVD’s do that now. It seems to me that most people don’t want subtitles playing so why make that automatic?

  3. hmm… I didn’t understand. So you are getting subtitles on every dvd? I have not experienced that here. I don’t know how a DVD itself would even control that, but I guess it could. You sure there is not something on your DVD player that is had the default changed?

  4. What I think is cool is when I go to Mexico and bring DVD’s along. Because it’s a different region, when we pop in a DVD we bought in the US, it automatically selects Spanish subtitles/audio if they are available.

    I’m with TCS…maybe someone has messed with your DVD player settings.

    Mark <

  5. One DVD we rented from Blockbuster had the English subtitles activated already. I havn’t seen it more often than that.

    I wish that they would have a separate room for “adult themed” DVDs.

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