How Are You? A Call to Authenticity

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“How are you?” It is a question we ask all the time. In fact for many this may be the deepest form of fellowship they get on any given Sunday. Do you really want to know the answer? Are we really prepared for the answers people want to tell us but don’t? That brings up another question, why don’t people give us a straight, honest answer? Is it because we are only supposed to smile at church and look happy no matter what is going on inside our hearts and minds? Some of the best actors in the world are Christians on Sunday morning whose lives have been in chaos for decades but no one ever knew.

Christ didn’t come just for smiley people. The church was not established as an outpost for the happy-go-lucky. While smiling people are still welcome, we need to make sure Christians hear loud and clear that so are the broken, so are the downtrodden, so are the humble and the meek, so are those who haven’t smiled an authentic smile in years. The call comes to all that in order to fulfill the law of Christ we must bear each other’s burdens (Gal 6:2). In order to do so we must be authentic.

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