God Is Hands On

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When God made the world and everything it in, he spoke it into existence.

When God made man he made him from the dust of the ground.

When God made woman, he made her from a rib.

You can speak from a distance. God didn’t speak Adam or Eve into existence. He made them and he breathed the breath of life into them. The psalmist calls God’s work in making people “knitting.” When you knit, you have to touch. Just as the potter is hands on with the clay God is hands on in molding our lives. God is hands on in how he creates his people.

The good news is, it doesn’t stop there. God is not some clockmaker who hand makes the clock, winds it up and then is an absentee creator. He tends to it, mends it, resets it, and continues to make it just as beautiful as the day it was first made. God is hands on. God is good.

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