Catching #756 & Finding Our Value

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Barry Bonds hits home run 756 and the man who caught the ball, Matt Murphy, finds value. On the Today Show this morning Matt Lauer made the comment that this would change his life. Why is it that as a culture we find value in everyone else’s accomplishments? I think it was Tony Robbins (yes the guy with the really big smile and the even bigger hands) who brought this point up recently, that as Americans we fill ourselves up with other people’s dreams and accomplishments instead of actually accomplishing something ourselves. People desperately seek to be connected to history whether it be a piece of coal from the Titanic kept in a display case, an autograph, or some piece of history, many people find their value in what others accomplish.

As Christians we find our value in someone else’s accomplishments. Jesus lived and died for us and he invites us into the kingdom of God. We don’t connect ourselves to this event through memorabilia, autographs, or pieces of the cross. We are connected with him. It is our identity. It is who we are. We are also connected with a particular point in history as we reenact his death, burial, and resurrection through baptism. His accomplishment, defeating death, brings our lives meaning. Barry Bonds may end up in the hall of fame some day (who knows) but he can’t have Matt Murphy inducted with him just because he caught the record breaking ball. Barry Bond’s accomplishments are not Matt’s accomplishments. We, on the other hand, have been united with Christ and we will go with him into glory but not for our glory, for his.

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