Which Celebrity do You Look Like?

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No sooner do I write that last post as I run into a link on Tall Skinny Kiwi. Click here to find out who you look like. This is apparently some computer generated matching system that tries to figure out mathematically which celeb you look the most like. Looks like for me Topher Grace came out on top (72%). Several people have told me that before so maybe this thing does alright. Let’s see how accurate my previous picks were compared with what this program says:

Bob Bliss/Taylor Hicks – The program didn’t even put Taylor Hicks in the top ten but Hugh Jackman did!

Walter Brueggemann/Sean Connery – Sean Connery didn’t make the top ten but the number 1 match was Scarlett Johansson. That is surprising.

Bruce McLarty/Agent Smith – Agent Smith (aka Hugo Weaving) didn’t make the list but Liaam Neeson was #1.

Mark Love/George S. – No George Stephanopoulos but his list did include Donny Osmond #1, David Hasselhoff #3, Kiefer Sutherland #5, Ashton Kutcher #6, & Robert Redford #7.

Houston Heflin/Ed McCaffrey – No mention of Ed McCaffery but Josh Groban starts off the list. The list also includes Michael Phelps.

Well, I am 0 for 5. Now I am beginning to wonder how accurate it is. I wonder if you put a picture of an actual celebrity if it would even match them with themselves.

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