Which is More Important?

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Which is more important? Maintaining the Christian unity that Jesus prayed for before his death or splitting over arguments from silence? Some have opted for the second and I don’t know how acceptable I find that.

Sometimes I find it really difficult to get my mind around Christian unity. So many splits. So many disagreements. So many things have been put ahead of preserving our relationships with each other as the body of Christ. In the next post I am going to unpack Philippians 2 and examine Paul’s empahsis on Christian unity and the ultimate model of the attitude that can accomplish it – Christ’s.

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  1. I am with you—since one of the ways folks can tell we are His, according to John 13:34-35, is to love one another, it makes sense that unity is of utmost importance. However, how many things can we disagree on and still be unified? Just a thougth.


  2. During one of those “summer series” this year, I’m supposed to address “The Unity of the Spirit.” . . . at a Church of Christ.

    A week or two before or after, I’m supposed to speak on “I Believe Because . . . ” but I wasn’t told if this was supposed to be about God, Christ, or the Bible. I’m afraid to ask because they might say, “All three in 45 minutes or less.”

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