Satan’s Resume

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Satan is no alien enemy; on the contrary, he is the intimate enemy.

-Elaine Pagels in The Social History of Satan

Have you ever thought about the implications of Satan’s experience on his effectiveness in tempting us? He has spent time in the heavenly court with God, who knows us perfectly. He has tempted billions and learned which strings to pull that make us most likely to fall into sin. He has a whole host of help who also have years of experience in leading people astray. That is exacerbated when we invite him to be a part of our lives or when we take him with us in our daily lives. He knows how to look familiar and friendly. He knows how to be subtle. He knows exactly what you think you need to live to the fullest but in the end results in the exact opposite. Satan may know you better than you think and his resume contains the perfect combination of skills to fool anyone. The solution? Fill your life so full of intimacy with intimacy with God that there will be no room left for intimacy with Satan. When your relationship with God is healthy and full, alternatives will not look so attractive.

So be strong. Be courageous. Do not be afraid. Remember that the one who is with us is greater than any opposition we coud ever face. Hold close to God and bask in the fullness he provides and know that there is no one else in all of creation who has a more complete life in store for us than God does.

So what are some things that have helped you resist the devil?/What have you done to help draw close to God?

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  1. I think C. S. Lewis’ Screwtape Letters is still a very relevant book on this topic that truly shows the intimate knowledge Satan has of our human nature.


  2. I have to think about this. It is almost frightening to think about how much experience he has —I know it is true though.
    I try to remember that he is there everyday and he is waging war against God’s people everyday. But, the focus has to be on knowing the victory is ours!


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