Grace Destroys…

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Grace tears down the walls of legalism and fear that have been held up for so long as the pattern for the New testament church but have only resulted in a secluded and sterile group of lonely and self-righteous tyrants. Grace destroys the mentality that the criteria for judgment is the proper understanding on all points in scripture and puts the price for our sins and misunderstandings on the one who has already paid it all. Grace dismantles the shackles that have been placed on hearts by well-intentioned men who thought they had cornered the market on God’s affection by their own righteousness. Grace breaks down the schemes of the evil one who seeks to distort our view of God and rely on ourselves as the ultimate authority. Grace destroys attitudes of envy and hatred through followers who practice the grace they have received from Christ toward others. Grace breaks all obstacles to the in-breaking kingdom of God and removes all hindrances and excuses making the pathway to God accessible to all regardless of race, social status, or popularity. What is more, grace reconciles all those previously mentioned under one head and puts us all on equal standing in the sight of God. The legalist, the self-righteous, the “wishy washy,” the calloused, the proud, the doubtful, the depressed, the tyrant, the manic, the (fill in your worst quality here ________) are all brought together and sanctified by that same grace because God is in the business of making broken people whole.

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