Blogging and Transformation

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It is really quite impressive all the time that is spent blogging.
Over 60 million total blogs.
Over 2 million posts containing the word “Bible”
700,000+ times the word “Christianity” appears.
All the discussions. all the comments. All the opinions.
What are the results? – We are well informed, better connected with more people, and having more conversations than ever before on important topics.

I just have one question:

Have we changed? Are we more like Jesus? Do we find our lives actually being transformed or just people who are better informed? Are we better people for having spent time doing this or do we just have opinions that are now better thought out than before with little relevance to our spiritual life? Does reading and debating various viewpoints on various blogs better us in our Christian walk? Do we do this for us and for our ego or do we do it for Him?

I would hate to think that all these thousands and millions of people would spend so much time on something that would only serve to get them thinking more about topics but fail to impact their actually day-to-day lives. Let’s make our thoughts more about the importance of transformation and less about information that has no intent to transform.

I offer this challenge to all of you out there who enjoy this medium of information sharing known as blogging: Let us reflect on how this information, how the thoughts of others, and how scripture leads to transformation. Let us spend more time thinking, posting, and commenting on what actually helps us to be better people than on just finding out a bunch of neat biblical brain teasers. When we do that our blogging grows nearer to God’s heart and his intention for our interactions with each other. Does that mean there is no room for small talk? Of course not. I would just like to see things progress beyond that more often than they do.

I do not say any of this to stifle conversation or comments. I do hope that it will encourage us to interact even more and on a deeper level than before as we talk about actually being spiritually transformed.

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