Who Are You Listening To?

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I just want to mention a brief scripture and ask a simple question. John 5 tells us the story of the paralytic who was by the pool waiting for the waters to be stirred so he could be healed. Time and time again he missed his opportunity. In walks Jesus and Jesus asks him a very simple question: “Do you want to get well?” And the obvious answer is, YES! The paralytic then basically asks Jesus to go along with the program and help him into the water so he could be healed. I am so glad that Jesus sees past the lies to the heart of the matter. And unlike this impotent pool that had no power to do what everyone claimed it could do, Jesus did have the power to heal him. And he did. “Get up! Pick up your mat and walk.”

I just wonder if we aren’t more like this paralyzed man than we would like to think. How often have we bought into the lies of society? How often have we waited around by powerless pools waiting for our lives to be better. How often do we ask God to fit our mold and ask him to help us with our plan to have a better life instead of listening to his? Who are you listening to?

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