Transformational Ministry of Christ #6

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Christ intends for his ministry to transform people. Not just people thousands of years ago but also people today. I hesitate to post something like this because it is autobiographical in nature. I just post this because through these two stories I have seen God’s transformation at work. Two days in a row people have asked if Missy and I are Christians. The first one happened yesterday. I was walking through the breezeway at our apartment. A man we have seen in our complex a dozen times walked right up to me and asked if I went to the church nearby. He said he could just tell by the look in our eyes that we are Christians. He proceeded to tell me about the sin in his life and that he had just finished praying that God would lead him to do the right thing. His wife is in prison and he has been living with a lady in our apartment complex for the last year or two. He didn’t hold anything back and said he planned on separating from his girlfriend to do what was right. He said he would be at church next week.
The second one happened today as we were viewing a house we are thinking about buying. The contractor and several of the workers were in the house. One of the painters came up to Missy and I and asked if we were Christians. He said he could just tell. He said he could see it in our faces. He said he was also a Christian and we had a great talk. I think our realtor, who had not been present at that moment, thought we were a little strange for shaking this painter’s hand and telling him bye as he left the house for his break.
Letting your light shine. God calls us to it. Sometimes we don’t remember that people can actually taste the salt and see the light and smell the armoa of Christ in our lives. Can people see we are different? Do we engage in conversation with people we don’t know or do we just walk right by them? Is our salt still salty? Has there really been a change? Can others tell we are really happy people? I don’t say this for any self-glorification. I don’t say this because I am anyone special. I just say this as an encouragement to others because God really does work the way he says he will work – by transforming our lives and making us salt and light. And before you know it, people are drawn to Christ. Praise God.

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