Would You Be Interested in a Bible Class Archive?

Many of us prepare Bible classes on a regular basis. Once they are taught they sit on our computers for years with the majority never to be viewed again. Why not make those resources available to Christians all over the world and benefit many more people in the process. A typical Bible class may impact […]

Living Out Application In Bible Class

Last night we had the best men’s class that I can remember. I don’t know if it is a coincidence but it was also the men’s class that I did the least talking! Maybe I can learn something from that. We had Tom Hagan from Mt. Dora Christian Home and Bible School stop by and […]

What if…

What if we dropped Sunday morning Bible class for a week or even a month and asked people to pray for the full hour before coming to the worship service? I wonder if we might rely a little more on God and a little less on self. How do you think people would react?

10 Tips for Getting More Out of Church Bible Classes

People who come an hour before worship generally are motivated to get something out of Bible class. Here are a few things they can try to get more out of their Bible class experience: 1 – Take notes. This is a no-brainer but I can’t tell you how low a % of people in the […]

The Joys of Teaching Children

Kym, one of our Sunday school teachers, sent me this story today of what happened to her in Sunday school class this past Sunday. I thought it was pretty special. Sunday morning I arrived at church to lead the 4’s-K class in this week’s study. Things started out a little crazy, children bouncing around, spilling […]

Five Characteristics of a Good Teacher

When people talk about churches one of the things they typically remember most are the people who made the subject come to life for them in a Bible class. They made it real and relevant and like it was the most important thing they could have been doing at the moment. There are a couple […]

30 Tips for Teaching a Bible Class

1. Read the text as if you have never read it before. 2. Read the text multiple times looking for repeated words and phrases – may help you see broader themes. 3. Find the connection between stories (Gospels, OT narrative). There is usually a flow or connecting theme that makes sense out of the order […]