The Joys of Teaching Children

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Kym, one of our Sunday school teachers, sent me this story today of what happened to her in Sunday school class this past Sunday. I thought it was pretty special.

Sunday morning I arrived at church to lead the 4’s-K class in this week’s study. Things started out a little crazy, children bouncing around, spilling water. Class started out with five grew to nine. I’m feeling like I’m crazy for trying to use water color paints and then scissors with this group. What was I thinking? Then I started thinking only a couple more weeks left, what a relief. Someone else should be teaching this class. I’m no good at this. Should I even try to tell the story about Tabitha? None of them are listening. My daughter is vying for my attention but, I go forward and tell the story from Acts 9. I know some are listening but are they hearing or learning?

Then it happens. One of the little boys in the class asks if he can see one of the Bibles. He asks how to find Acts. He asks to see the word Tabitha. He asks the other teacher to read him the story from the Bible (with all kinds of commotion still going on). He asks me if he can borrow the Bible to take home. Now I know why I’m in this class. The stress of the morning is gone and I have gotten the message. It’s about the hearts you touch and the seeds you help plant.

The story continues and in church the little boy turns around from the pew in front of me with a big grin and points to the Bible.

I know you both have stories like this. I’m thankful that God opened my eyes and heart so that I could get it.


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