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List of Bible Blessings to Speak Over Children

Two Sunday’s ago we talked about blessing. One of the things that was mentioned was the need for parents to bless their children as people in the Bible often did. Here is a list of biblical blessings that can be used as either blessings to be said over children or a starting point for youContinue Reading

So Blessed

This morning we had our monthly ministers meeting and I just feel so blessed to be a part of this group. They have so much to teach me and I enjoy soaking it all up. On my way home, I had a great conversation with one of my very best friends. He really helped meContinue Reading


I often get myself all in a mess because I get this idea in my head that my blessings are dependent upon whether or not I feel they are present. If things are going well and I feel blessed then I am prone to think about how blessed I am. If things aren’t going wellContinue Reading

Addiction, Blessings, and the Book of Job

One of the best definitions of addiction I have come across is someone who treats objects like people and people like objects. People become something to be used rather than someone to have a relationship with. Objects transform from something to be used to someone to have a relationship with. Funny thing is the wayContinue Reading

Overcoming the Christian Misperceptions of What Blessings are All About

One of the problems we face as we think about blessings is that Christian teaching and preaching have typically viewed the blessing as being about the receipt of material or spiritual benefit. As Kent Richards points out in his article on blessing in Anchor Bible Dictionary, “The primary factor of blessing is the statement ofContinue Reading

Ten Things I Am Thankful For

1. A wife who loves me and is spending 24/7 making a baby for the last 7 months. 2. Our baby boy who we have only seen pictures of but won’t meet for 2 more months when he is born! 3. A church that is genuine, friendly, and seeking God. 4. Friends who would giveContinue Reading

What is the Hardest Thing About Being a Christian?

Being a Christian is tough work. I know Jesus said his yoke is easy and his burden is light. I know he said that we should come to him and find rest. But then he tells us that once we get there we have a cross to take up and follow him. How do theContinue Reading

What Was Your Favorite Thing About Christmas?

I was almost surprised at how much I didn’t care about commercialism/materialism this Christmas. As appreciative as I was of everything I received I really enjoyed time with family and friends the most. Stores cannot sell the best gifts. You cannot go out and buy a gift card that guarantees more time with a lovedContinue Reading

Vegetable Soup for the Soul

In the midst of all the grief and emotions of last week we were sitting with Missy’s parents in our living room. We decided it was time to eat, even though none of us really felt all that hungry. After discussing some possibilities we decided we wanted some vegetable soup. As Missy’s mom got readyContinue Reading

New Lord’s Supper Presiding Record & a Bunch of Thank You’s

Has anyone ever presided over the Lord’s Table more than 4 times (3 times at one service) in one Sunday? If not I may have set a record! The Lord’s Supper is another one of those things that we have stressed the importance of taking it so much that people think all that matters isContinue Reading


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