What Was Your Favorite Thing About Christmas?

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I was almost surprised at how much I didn’t care about commercialism/materialism this Christmas. As appreciative as I was of everything I received I really enjoyed time with family and friends the most. Stores cannot sell the best gifts. You cannot go out and buy a gift card that guarantees more time with a loved one or a new friendship made. You cannot put a price on or orchestrate such a wonderful gift. God has richly blessed us with others, including the gift of his son Jesus Christ. That is what I was most appreciative about Christmas this year. How was your Christmas?

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  1. I enjoyed the “delayed gratification” element of our Christmas. In recent Christmas’, due to our family being in different places, we have simply asked each other what we wanted/needed & then gave it to each other whenever we wanted. While that was nice, we lost the joy of opening presents on Christmas morning. We all decided that we didn’t like that, so we made rules more in-line with a traditional Christmas this year, and opened our gifts on Christmas morning. The effort of thinking of gifts, picking them out, wrapping them, and keeping them secret means that you care for someone. And the anticipation & surprise of your own surprises is exciting, too. Along with my grandmother’s cornbread dressing, my favorite thing about this Christmas was that it was a special day for us again.

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