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Count Your Blessings

If you were to make a list of your top ten blessings what would they be? I wonder how many of them would be spiritual and how many material. I have been thinking about how I am so blessed to live where I live and do what I do. I have been thinking about howContinue Reading

The Lost Art of Blessing – 3

Jacob and Esau is the old familiar story of a sibling rivalry that even started in the womb. From day one, these brothers were in contention. Esau was firstborn and with that came a great responsibility – dedicated to God, 2nd in command to the head of the household (Isaac), a responsibility to carry onContinue Reading

The Lost Art of Blessing – 2

Let’s unpack the blessing found in Number 6:22-27. This blessing is directed to the people of God – Israel. The ironic thing about the blessing being on Israel is that Israel are those who strive with God and prevail. Israel was Jacob, who wrestled with God and what did he ask for before he wouldContinue Reading

The Lost Art of Blessing – 1

The next couple of posts are going to be about blessing. It is something we really don’t practice in a biblical way any more. I am not talking about blessing the meal. I am talking about casting a vision and an expectation of a future that is inextricably tied to God. To kick it allContinue Reading


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