The Two Key Things Your Bible Study Might Be Missing

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When you look at movements that happen around the world there are two things that inevitably get paired with Bible study. The two things are obedience to what you read (are you living it, not just learning it) and sharing with others what you are learning so that they can benefit from it as well.

When we study and study and study without these two elements we will grow stagnate in our faith. As we stagnate in our faith we will experience spiritual obesity and biblical diabetes.

Spiritual obesity – filling yourself with the Word of God and never exercising it.

Biblical diabetes – you get so accustomed to doing nothing with the Word that your mind, body and soul no longer know how to process the truth.

These can be lethal conditions.

If you are a student of the Bible, challenge yourself to share something with someone else each week and make one commitment to live out what you learn each week.

If you are a teacher, incorporate this into your teaching. We cannot be complicit in helping people think they are okay by merely consuming the Word and not exercising the Word. Take five minutes at the end of small group, Bible class or sermon to have people write down one thing they “will” (not “can”) do that week and the name of one person they “will” share a message with from the Bible.

See if this doesn’t help you grow in your faith as you live out what you learn and help others do the same!

Check out Discovery Bible Study if you aren’t already familiar with it! It is a game changer!

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