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I have been tagged by Bobby Valentine who was tagged by John Dobbs who was tagged by John Alan Turner who was tagged by Tony Myles who was tagged by Len Evans who was tagged by Mark Oestreicher who was tagged by Rene who was tagged by Dinyel…that is eight generations so I will stop there in keeping with 8’s. I am supposed to list 8 random facts about myself so here goes…

  1. I am currently in the middle of reading at least 8 books (another 8!) not counting study materials for teaching/preaching.
  2. I once had the neighbors (not in St. Pete!) call the Sheriff on me for automatic weapons fire. Now that was embarrassing! What else are you supposed to do in your spare time in North Alabama?
  3. I have a thing for collecting and organizing biblical information (I have about 6 gigs of Bible stuff that I have compiled over the last couple years on my hard disk). It is all organized into a neat little hierarchical structure of folders on my Windows desktop.
  4. I am logical to a fault. Sometimes I am too even keel for my own good.
  5. I am an introvert who plays the extrovert because I know the good that can come from it (I am with JD on this one).
  6. Journaling and flossing – two things I know I should do but never get around to it.
  7. I have published in an academic field other than Bible/Theology.
  8. My best time in the 800m run is 1:57.

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  1. i can relate to #3, i don’t have that much info but I have a folder labelled Bible, which is divided into OT, Interestest, NT, then by categories (Pent, Histor, Wisdom, Prophets) etc. and so on
    under each book is a folder for sermons and a folder for outlines, lists, charts, etc.


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