Evangelism – Answering the Wrong Questions

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Too long we have tried to answer the wrong questions when it comes to evangelism. People have tried to come up with a system of questions that will result in the logical conclusion that Jesus is Lord. I have seen many different versions of the old circle yes or no on the following statements (with verses next to each one in parenthesis). When you get to the end you either have to say Jesus is Lord or contradict your earlier selections. I think that is a trap rather than a fair and appropriate conversation. Evangelism has often become a diatribe rather than a dialogue. We aren’t trying to trick people into Christianity. We are trying to get people to give their lives to God. Instead of asking, “How do I get someone to say yes to Christ?” I think we need to be asking “What does it mean to be lost,” What does it mean to be saved?” and “How do I communicate that effectively to non-Christians?”

I am going to devote a couple of posts to the questions that have been left unasked in our evangelism classes with the hope that once we get it, we will want to share it.

I also want to point out a post by Tim Archer where he asks some important questions about our weekly assemblies. 

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