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Crazy Stories, Sane God By John Alan Turner

John Alan Turner has a way of taking something that you either didn’t know was in the Bible or wasn’t sure what in the world it had to do with your life and giving you insight to see your life more clearly through the lens of any given story (even the bizarre, wacky ones). IContinue Reading

52 Greatest Stories of the Bible – Kenneth Boa & John Alan Turner

I have been reading this book from Kenneth Boa and John Alan Turner (of Faith 2.0). It is a very different approach to doing a one year study of the Bible. They hit the highlights of the biblical narrative and break it down on a Monday through Friday schedule. Monday – The story (Creation, Exodus,Continue Reading

John Alan Turner on Authenticity

It doesn’t get much more authentic than Adam and Eve naked in the garden. What can we learn from that? See his post to find out. Also keep them in your prayers as his family deals with a loss.Continue Reading

Check Out John Alan Turner’s Post on What it Means to be Jesus’ Friend

Here is the post. Also have a look at the comments for some good sources on learning about how Rabbi’s and their students worked in the first century. This post has some good biblical parallels. Thanks John for such a good post!Continue Reading

Christian Sermon Links

Here are the links I have compiled to 67 different Christian ministers and scholars. The majority of these are from the church of Christ and some from Christendom in general. What links would you add? Who has has helped you grow in your faith who has their sermons online? Feel free to add suggestions inContinue Reading

A Great Post by John Alan Turner – All or Nothing

We read his promise to “never leave us” — and yet we operate as if we can dismiss him from the room with a closing prayer. – John Alan Turner Here is the link.Continue Reading


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