Check Out John Alan Turner’s Post on What it Means to be Jesus’ Friend

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Here is the post. Also have a look at the comments for some good sources on learning about how Rabbi’s and their students worked in the first century. This post has some good biblical parallels. Thanks John for such a good post!

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  1. You’re welcome, Matt.

    The comments and email I received regarding the post seem to focus in on the Rabbi/Talmidim discussion. The real point I was trying to make, though, is that we tend to think of Jesus as many things (Savior, Lord, etc.), but we have a more difficult time imagining being friends with him.

    I’d love it if your readers wanted to jump in on that discussion. They might find it helpful to read the entire series of posts starting with this one:


  2. There is a real tension in talking about that – God is not just “any ol’ friend.” Friendship with God comes with a healthy love and respect of who he is and his “otherness.”

    Jesus told his disciples that they had become his friends (John 15:15). I would think we could fall in that same category as well. I better save my comments for your blog!

  3. Thanks for sharing that. The friendship/reverence tension is not un-like many of the other tensions we balance: faith/works, grace/truth, etc. There needs to be a balance in our prayer lives, our thinking, & our worship. For example, sometimes I wonder if we’re singing too many dry, sterile reverent hymns. And then sometimes I wonder if we’re singing too many contemporary songs that sort of have a “Jesus is my boyfriend” feel.

    So much of ministry is polarity management

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