AFA Boycott Idea

In follow up to the previous post about how I think it is a crummy idea to boycott business just because they won’t use the word, “Christmas” I have a better idea. Why doesn’t the AFA boycott businesses that use the word “Christmas” that don’t uphold Christian values. The idea behind this would be the […]

AFA Tattles on Subway

I got an email today from the American Family Association notifying me that Subway restaurants are not allowing home schooled students to participate in their contest for $5000 in athletic equipment. When I get these kinds of emails I cannot help but wonder if this is an atrocity big enough to warrant a mass email […]

Beware of This Movie – Paul Davis

I received an email from Paul making me aware of his post on the Golden Compass. By his request, I am going to post the content here as well. I really appreciate what he has to say and think it warrants some discussion rather than sticking our heads in the sand. Paul’s post has generated […]