New Theme Try Outs

I have been trying out different themes over the last few weeks. This new theme, enterprise, just came out this week with wordpress and I think I finally found one that is readable, functional, and has a look that I am finally happy with. Still making tweaks, so bear with me.

WordPress and Google Webmaster Tools

WordPress has recently added a feature that makes using Google webmaster tools extremely easy. I had previously posted a workaround to trick google to letting you use webmaster tools in wordpress. But the kind folks at WP have now built this into the dashboard so it can be accomplished in a few easy steps (rather […]

Search Terms Other Than “Sex” That Got People Here

WordPress provides a handy list of search terms that people used to arrive at your blog. These are interesting at times and I thought I would share a few. Top 5 search terms of all time: Olympics (2,929) Small group lessons (1,008) Oreo pizza (847) the rock (826) fully rely on God (817) Pretty sad […]

Ever Wonder Why More People Don’t Leave Comments?

I often wonder why more people don’t comment. When you see four hundred people come by in a day and see three or four comments you wonder what the other 397 people were doing and what they were thinking. Using WordPress’ summary numbers for September I did a comparison of comments to pageviews to see […]

Martin Luther King Jr’s Last Speech

Hearing these words in light of being the day before his assassination is pretty eerie. I hope you had a day where you could reflect on where we have come from, where we are, and what possibilities lie ahead in racial reconciliation. For the complete transcript of this speech and its background see here.

For the Person Who Has Everything…

You know those people who are just impossible to buy for because they already have everything they want…Don’t miss out on the WordPress Hoodie! Sure it is a bit late for Christmas but who cares, it is a hoodie and for only $32.00 you can’t go wrong. See this link. Now seriously, who would wear […]

How to Use Google Webmaster Tools in WordPress

Google has recently started offering more information regarding how they search your site. It is quite helpful. Here is how you go about it. Go to the Google Webmaster Tools page Sign in to your Google/gmail account (If you need gmail, just email me and ask and I will send you an invite). Click “Diagnostics” […]