Petition to Remove the Creepy Smiley Face From the Background of Blogs

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Anyone else think those smiley faces on the side of blogs are a little creepy? WordPress’ explanation is they exist in order for the author’s visits to their own blog not to count. But I have seen that creepy thing no matter if I am logged in or not and no matter what I.P. address I am coming from. So in a Facebook Group like spirit, let’s kindly ask wordpress to remove the creepy smiley face and at least make it something invisible or something that blends with the background.I never thought I would be asking for less smiles on this blog but that is where we find ourselves today.

If you think that smiley is creepy and you too believe there has to be a better way, leave a comment here or on the above Creepy Smiley Petition Tab.

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  1. “If you think that smiley is creepy and you too believe there has to be a better way…”

    … then leave WordPress & sign up for a blog on Blogger! It’s totally free, and totally way better. No creepy smileys. No annoying pop-up boxes over links. I could go on & on…

  2. Blogger has lots of other creepy things about it. I would be interested to see if blogger is better than it used to be. When I switched to wordpress the interface and information they are able to give you was way better than blogger. By the way, I disabled the snap/popup pictures that go over links. That is VERY annoying.

  3. You could use the Firefox extension called
    stylish then use this style from the stylish directory
    then you will never see the stats smiley face as
    long as you have the stylish style activated.

    If you chose to use the style you’ll need to click
    the “load in stylish button” then click save when
    the “dialog box” appears then you’ll be set and the
    style will be active. Forum Volunteer:

  4. Wow…I would love to see an evil little smiley on my page. So where is it? Have I missed it? Did you get it taken down already? I am so new here and I bet I missed the evil smiley by now…SHOOT!

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