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Ever Wonder Why More People Don’t Leave Comments?

October 15th, 2008 · No Comments · Blogging, Humor, Personal, Wordpress

I often wonder why more people don’t comment. When you see four hundred people come by in a day and see three or four comments you wonder what the other 397 people were doing and what they were thinking. Using WordPress’ summary numbers for September I did a comparison of comments to pageviews to see how Kingdom Living stacked up in the whole scheme of things.

In September WordPress blogs received 7,910,452 comments with 952,281,311 pageviews. That means there is only one comment left for every 120.38 pageviews on wordpress blogs. So I did a one week sample to see how well it matched up. In the last week there have been 39 comments with 2513 views. That would give me a ratio of one comment for every 64.44 pageviews. Either I have fewer lurkers than the average blog or else you guys are way more talkative than average.

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  • this buddy of mine

    Bro…you really don’t want people like me leaving comments on your blog…I am sure you have a reputation to protect 🙂

  • Clint P.

    I tend to comment more on Facebook than I do here.


  • Jordan Powell

    I tend to comment when commenting would drive up your ratios.

  • Michael R.

    That’s a pretty neat trick, getting people to comment about why they don’t leave comments.

    I’m glad I’m too sharp to fall for a trick like that. 🙂

  • Bobbi Stephens

    No one could ever have as many words as you! It’s hard to keep up. Love you!

  • Preacherman

    I’ll leave a comment for you Matt.
    I think this was a very interesting post.
    I have thought the same thing on blogspot. I think you have great topics and discussions. I like to comment and add my thoughts. I don’t understand people who blog and don’t allow comments and people who blog and don’t comment at all. Wierd. Well I hope you have a great afternoon. 🙂

  • J D

    one reason I seldom leave comments is that I read in Google Reader… and have to go another step to leave a comment… and at the same time look at all the other posts I’ve yet to get to … so it’s a special occasion to get a comment from me! Humbly, JD

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