Review: Logos 10 Reformed Bible Study Software

Logos Bible study software is a platform that allows you to build a digital library of books and tools to study the Bible. This software has been indispensable to my Bible study for years. As much as I love holding a physical book in my hands I can study far more efficiently and purchase books […]

When We Read More About the Bible Than We Read the Bible

I have access to a few thousand books about the Bible. As much as I love and appreciate so many of those books, there is only one Bible. As much as I love studying about the Bible and as necessary as that is for our understanding of the Bible…reading about the Bible is no substitute […]

Free 9 Lesson Course on How to Do Discovery Bible Study!

I just developed a 9 lesson course on Discovery Bible Study with videos, articles, question list, scripture lists, and PDF handouts. It is 100% FREE forever. Discovery Bible study is used all over the world in disciple making movements to help disciple people to and through faith in Jesus. It is helpful for personal study, […]

Discipleship Is Not A Method

It is quite tempting to think that discipleship is about a method. There are many methods to choose from when making disciples but discipleship isn’t a method. As I have studied discipleship, I have found myself more and more studying the method over the man. This is a mistake. There is no method without the […]

Have We Given Up Studying the Bible With People?

What do you think about someone when you hear they have Bible studies with people? Does it make them seem like a super Christian? Maybe they sound like a saint? What if that was just an ordinary thing to do? What if being a saint was just another word for being a Christian, because that […]

Unity & Division: Two Sides of the Same Coin

The apostle Paul gives us instruction on the true meaning of unity and what it takes to maintain it in Ephesians 4. First, he says unity is created by God and maintained by God’s people (4:3). God creates unity through the work of Jesus and the Holy Spirit. We maintain the unity God created. The […]

Tips for Building Your Own Theological Library

Many of you love to read. That’s partly why you are here. I imagine you probably also like to read about theology, ministry, the Bible, etc…which is also why you are here. Over the years there have been a few things I have found helpful when making selections of which books to buy for my […]