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Exploring the First Century Church: Gathering Places

It is universally agreed on that the early church primarily met in homes. The first church building that we know of, which was a house converted solely for the use of the assembled church, didn’t come along for 200 years (see Dura-Europos below). Here are some of the verses we have as evidence of theirContinue Reading

Turns Out Jesus Wasn’t Married After All

The fragment of papyrus that appeared to talk about Jesus’ wife is now believed to be fake. Thanks to Daniel Wallace – Jesus’ Wife Fragment Judged a Fake & Craig Evans for getting this information out – Update on the Gospel of Jesus’ Wife. Also have a look at Jim West’s reaction. The fact thatContinue Reading

Was Jesus Married? Several Scholars’ Take on the New Papyrus Finding

If you have heard about the new papyrus discovery that some area saying is proof Jesus was married then you really should read Alan Boyle’s article “Reality Check on Jesus and His ‘Wife’”. When I heard about this I had a few problems with it on the front end. First, there is no context toContinue Reading

Sodom and Gomorrah Excavated?

A very interesting read over at The Sacred Page about a recent presentation at the Society of Biblical Literature. The archaeologists believe they have discovered the biblical cities of Sodom and Gomorrah and hint at what they believe the archaeological evidence their shows happened to those cities. Sodom and Gomorrah excavatedContinue Reading

A research team has been working for over a year to discover new pyramids and tombs in Egypt. What they have discovered via satellite is amazing – more than 1000 tombs and 3000 settlements! They are verifying some of these on the ground and so far things look good. It should be interesting as newContinue Reading

Accuracies and Inaccuracies of Glenn Beck’s Comments on the Dead Sea Scrolls

What he got wrong What he got right How is that for fair and balanced?Continue Reading

Noah’s Ark Hoax

You have probably heard that Noah’s ark has been found. Even Ben Witherington has a post about it on his blog. Sorry, it’s a hoax. Claude Mariottini gives us the details in his post on the news. Read it here.Continue Reading

The Remains of The Apostle Paul

Have a look at Claude Mariottini’s latest post on archaeologists and the body of the apostle Paul. He also includes a picture of what is possibly the oldest image of Paul from the fourth century. Here is the link.Continue Reading

What Can We Learn from False gods of the Bible?

There are some things that are just not up for debate when it comes to deciding what to believe as Christians. One of those things is that there is only one God.There are not household gods, city gods, and gods for different parts of nature and culture. There is only one God (Deut 6:4). ThereContinue Reading

Jokes Told By Ancient Romans

Dr. Mariottini had an interesting post today on ancient Romans jokes. Humor can really give you insight on a particular culture. It amused me most that even back then they were telling the jokes involving three different types of people. Here is the link.Continue Reading


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