Faith Has A Gestation Period

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“God is never late and rarely early.” – Dillon Burroughs

Faith has a gestation period. Faith isn’t grown in a moment. It is grown over a lifetime of interacting with God, avoiding God, yelling at God, waiting on God, trusting God, distrusting God, and everything in between.

Faith takes time. So give it time.

Where you are today is not where you will be later on. God knows this. God sees the end from the beginning. The problem is, we don’t see what God sees. So we get impatient.

Faith sped up is not faith that is robust because faith trusts that God is watching over it all and He will show up when and how is best for the situation, for us and for others.

Faith allows us to wait and not lose hope.

If you seem to be stuck. Give it time. In 12 months time things will be different. They will also be different in 1000 years. They are the same to God. Let Him handle it.

Take it to God. Trust His timing is always perfect, even when it feels like He is late to the show!

In the meantime, feel the kicks and the gut punches of a faith in gestation. Feel the hiccups that life throws at you. What will soon be born might be painful but it will also be beautiful!

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