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I heard this from Lynn Stringfellow, campus minister of the Bay Area church of Christ in Tampa, FL. When they do a Bible study they don’t do them one on one. They do them two on one. One person takes the lead and another person is in training. I am sure he is not the only one who does this but I think it is brilliant. What does this accomplish? An extra person learns how to study the Bible with someone and the person being studied with sees that there is an expectation that one day they too will study with others. I think this is a great method.

We tend to go it alone in Bible studies because we don’t want to embarrass anyone. It is also easier to study alone because you don’t have to answer two people’s questions and there is less room for mistakes or saying something that takes away from the study. But we need to be equipping people and part of equipping means modeling. When you minister to others, take someone with you. Just as Barnabas did with Saul that we mentioned a few posts back. We also need to be raising the expectations of our members and those placing membership. If you are going to be a part of the church you have to be a part of the church. Dead body parts do not stay with the body. They are removed. High expectations that members will be involved in ministry is something that is communicated and modeled. We can announce it and preach it all day but if people don’t see it happening it won’t stick. Let’s raise the evangelism expectation, that our members will be reaching out to others, by modeling this on a regular basis.

If you don’t know how to do a Bible study, find someone who does and ask to help/observe. If you do know how to do a Bible study find someone who would like to learn how and ask them to be there for your next one. You can have your name in lights and books written in your honor but the only accomplishment that will last is reaching someone with the Gospel of Christ and seeing them turn from death to life. What are we waiting for?

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  1. I did this some when I first started at Randolph, NJ. There were several who went with me and then began to teach on their own. I wasn’t as intentional in doing this as I should have been but it did bear some fruit. I’m trying to revive my practice of it here in Mt. Dora. It is a good idea and practice whether done congregationally or individually.

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