Prayer Request

I don’t have permission to give all the details but I have someone who needs your prayers over the next several days. I am not going to include any names or even any pretend names. God knows. Please pray and let God fill in the blanks of what needs to be said.

Please Pray for Philip’s Mother

Philip Cunningham is a really good friend of mine. Unlike so many we have kept in touch over the last several years and I really appreciate his initiative in much of that communication. I wanted to make you aware of the need to pray for his mother who has cancer. Here is a link to […]

If You Ever Thought You Had it Rough…

I met a really sweet lady today. She called the church and was needing some assistance. After talking with her I cannot imagine complaining about anything. Imagine having no friends, no family, and no transportation. Add on top of that having cancer and taking chemo treatments she cannot afford. Her credit is shattered due to […]

Letter from a Prisoner

In light of the previous post, Living Out Jesus’ Mission, I wanted to share this letter with you as it was written to me by a brother in Christ who is behind bars. Although he is in prison I can assure you that Jesus has set him free. Keep him in your prayers. Also keep […]