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I met a really sweet lady today. She called the church and was needing some assistance. After talking with her I cannot imagine complaining about anything. Imagine having no friends, no family, and no transportation. Add on top of that having cancer and taking chemo treatments she cannot afford. Her credit is shattered due to enormous hospital bills. Her lease is up in a week and she has to move out but she has no transportation to look for a new place. On top of that she doesn’t get any money for a new apartment until three days after she has to move out of her current apartment. And I thought the days when Missy and I were both full time grad students working part time was tough. She is going to take it one step at a time. Keep her in your prayers.

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  1. Thousands of people, Matt, are in the same predicament. Still it tugs at your heart when you get to know the ONE. Isn’t it striking how ill-equipped we are to help with the real needs that someone like this has? Maybe we are so sure we can’t help them all that we do not help the ONE. Al Sturgeon suggested to me years ago that churches ought to pick one family and get them on their feet. Mentor and serve them. Then move to another when that family can stand on their own. Sure, that leaves thousands unhelped, but helping the ONE is really one more than we were doing.

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