Mike Cope Audio – Women, Gifts and the Body of Christ

After the Pepperdine Lectures and Jarred Robinson’s keynote (#95 here) there have been requests for Mike Cope’s sermon Women, Gifts and the Body of Christ. Over time it has disappeared from various websites but I just happened to have an mp3 of it and wanted to host it here for those who desire to hear […]

Picture of the Week

Mike Cope, Walter Brueggemann and Rubel Shelly at a ballgame. What is even more impressive is what all Rochester College is doing with their Streaming Conference. Here are Mike’s reflections on Streaming. This is a conference you will want to put on your list. Did any of you guys attend? If so I would love […]

Interview with Mike Cope and His Ministry at What Really Matters

I am deeply appreciative that Mike Cope was willing to field some questions about his ministry with What Really Matters. God has really equipped Mike for kingdom work and it is a blessing to be able to learn from his perspective. He is a great thinker, communicator and is humble about how God has been […]

Mike Cope’s Series – When a Child Dies

Mike Cope has been doing a series on dealing with the death of children. If you have experienced this or know someone who would benefit from reading this please pass this along. This series is touching and has already gotten nearly 200 comments total, which speaks not only to the quality of Mike’s writing but […]

Gulf Coast Getaway 2012 – A Lesson Learned

I was blessed to be able to attend Gulfcoast Getaway this past weekend. It was a blessing to worship with over 1500 college students really pouring out their hearts to God. It was a blessing to hear men like Mike Cope and Randy Harris preach Jesus. It was a blessing to spend time with some […]

Megan’s Secrets – When Your Resume is Rejected

I just love this quote from Megan’s Secrets by Mike Cope. It is about allowing God to work through imperfect people using the examples of Paul and his mentally handicapped daughter Megan, “And if you said to Paul, ‘Your bio is not that impressive. Your life is broken,’ Paul would say, ‘You’re absolutely right.’ Perhaps […]

Book Giveaway in Appreciation of 700,000 views

The blog is quickly approaching 700k page views. When the blog hits it some time in the next week I will give away a copy of Megan’s Secrets by Mike Cope. All you have to do is be the person who was closest to hitting 700,000th view by commenting what # you saw on the […]

Megan’s Secrets by Mike Cope

I heard Mike Cope present one of his lessons on Megan’s Secrets while at the Pepperdine lectures and I knew right away that I needed a copy of this book. I didn’t get one while I was there and regretted not buying it. But then a few weeks ago I got an opportunity to get […]

Pepperdine 2011

I was blessed to be able to attend the Pepperdine Bible Lectures last week. Jerry Rushford organized an amazing lectureship where God was certainly glorified. The only thing more beautiful than the scenery was the people. I cannot tell you how many amazing people were there and how many of them encouraged me through the […]

John Piper on Abused Women

Thanks to Kathryn B for cluing me in on this one over at Mike Cope’s blog…I am dumbfounded. So if he says things that contradict God’s will she submits to God and not to him but if he slaps her around then she must endure it until she can talk to someone at a church […]