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Pouring Holy Water on Strange Fire by Frank Viola – What Is Your Take on the Charismatic Movement?

In case you missed it there was a book written by John MacArthur and a conference that followed it that was highly critical of the charismatic movement. In response to MacArthur’s statements Frank Viola came out with an ebook where he questions MacArthur’s approach and makes his own case for the continuation of spiritual giftsContinue Reading

Frank Viola’s Kind Words Toward the Church of Christ And Restoration Movement Heritage

Frank Viola recently spoke at the NCY Ministers Conference. All of you guys from a Church of Christ/Restoration Movement background should hear his presentation, especially the introduction. I appreciate his kind words regarding the contribution churches of Christ have made to Christianity (first 10 minutes or so of the talk). I also appreciate Frank’s willingnessContinue Reading

Frank Viola’s Post on Water Baptism

Frank Viola posted a good piece on water baptism today. It is worth a read. Rethinking Christian BaptismContinue Reading

The Sinner’s Prayer is Making the Rounds

I am seeing more and more blogs discussing the sinner’s prayer these days. There is this saying in the Churches of Christ that says we are usually about 20 years behind what other churches are doing. In this instance it seems they are 200 years behind us! I kid when I say that because itContinue Reading

Ben Witherington’s Review of Pagan Christianity

It has been almost 9 years since the first edition of Viola and Barna’s book Pagan Christianity hit the shelves so I know I am behind the ball here. I had heard of this book but hadn’t really had a look at it until this year. I ran across Ben Witherington’s five part review overContinue Reading

Get Simple

A great point from Frank Viola and Leonard Sweet’s Jesus Manifesto, (edited down a bit) “In Acts 2:42, we read about something called ‘the apostles’ doctrine.’..what exactly was it? Before we answer that question, let’s reframe it. Here’s the scene. The Twelve have just baptized three thousand new converts. Tomorrow, they will begin teaching theseContinue Reading

Jesus Manifesto – Introduction

I just got a copy of Leonard Sweet and Frank Viola’s newest book, “The Jesus Manifesto” and wanted to share a few thoughts along the way. I really appreciate the way they frame the discussion as not a way to move more to the right or the left but a way to move forward (xv).Continue Reading

Mark Driscoll Commissions a Critique of Viola’s Pagan Christianity

Here is a link to the 11 page pdf of the critique. One note of irony was in the last paragraph, “The tone of the book itself is problematic, because the authors are so sure of themselves.” (p. 11). Wouldn’t it be problematic to be so sure that someone else is problematic for being sure?Continue Reading


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