Planting a Church? Your Team May Not Be Who You Expect

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When you believe God is calling you to plant a church it is natural to consider who might partner with you to make it happen. What is interesting is that if you made a list of the people you think would partner with you to do it, chances are few of them will actually make the move.

Even though they want something different…

Even though you are close…

Even though they say they will help out…

Few will jump on board. And that’s okay. God has other people he will send to work it out. God sees the end from the beginning. So don’t worry when the people who you thought would be there don’t show up. Just keep being faithful. Keep doing the work. Keep trusting in God. Then you get to see who God raises up to fill in the gaps!

In our case, when we planted a church we had a number of people who came and then went back. We had others we had never expected who jumped right in and who have blessed us incredibly. Then there were still others we didn’t expect who came along to get involved.

I say all this to say, what we expect is not often the way it goes but that just means that we get to watch God work it out right in front of our eyes!

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  1. God always works things out for us, maybe not in the way we had planned, but He will work them out the correct way.

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