Socio, Socio, Wherefore Art Thou Socio?

I have to hand it to Ben Witherington III. His Socio-Rhetorical commentaries are to serious study what N.T. Wright’s “For Everyone” series is for a lighter and more accessible study. I have worked through his Socio-Rhetorical commentary on Corinthians and I have just started working through the one on Mark. Both are excellent. I have […]

Gospel of Mark – Jesus Calls His Disciples (1:16-20)

One of the major themes in the Gospel of Mark is discipleship. What does it mean to follow Jesus? As the reader we follow Jesus and his disciples through the ups and downs, through the victories and failures, through the moments of misunderstanding and the “aha” moments where things finally clicked. In essence the disciples […]

Daniel Cherry’s Post on Big Steps

A great post by Daniel Cherry on God’s provision of the way through Jesus Christ. It is entitled Big Steps. Daniel is one of my very best friends and former Harding University roommate. We are wondering if we are living parallel lives as our wives were roommates with each other at Harding as well, we […]