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I received a link from a good friend of mine, Jun Fuentes, regarding CofC ministries in the Philippines. It is called Word Ministry. Have a look to see what good things are happening in that part of the world.

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  1. Matt,
    I pray all the Lord blessings on this new ministry. Do they have all the funding? Let us know if they need more funding?

    I have one prayer request. You can click on my blog to find out more detail but my health isn’t doing good again. I have migraine for about 2 weeks. Other side-effects that I usually don’t get with migraines. I do have reason to praise God! I went to the doctor yestarday he ordered an emergancy catscan be done of my brain. No tumors. I got to the Nurologist tomorrow. I was wondering if you would mind stopping by my blog and offering up a pray on my behalf brother. I have always considered you a friend, clergyman, fellow Theologain, mentor, more than that brother a righteous man. James tells that a prayer offered up by a righteous man is powerful and effective. God takes notice. So, please keep me and not only myself but my wife in your prayers she is under countless stress as we have just gotten over a medical obsticle in my life. Thanks brother it means so much.
    In Him,
    Kinney Mabry

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