Which Gospel is Your Favorite? – Informal Poll

The Gospel’s have different flavors. Generally speaking, Matthew focuses on fulfillment of scripture and more Jewish issues. Mark is very action oriented. Luke focuses on the Christ’s love for the downtrodden. John gives us a view of Jesus’ life from the inner circle. They all have so much to offer and so many stories to […]

Graceful Blogging

I am so happy that our Christian blogging community is pretty civil. Have you ever looked at any of the political blogs out there? I posted a comment on one of them the other day and someone replied by calling me an idiot. I may not be a political genius (nor do I want to […]

Break My Heart – Clint Rhodes

When you see the song “Break My Heart” it normally has by Unknown. Looks like it has finally been made public that it is by a Harding guy, Clint Rhodes. I was doing a search for some lyrics and I saw someone finally came out and connected him with the song. So no more “unknown.” […]

I Have Never Had a Cup of Coffee

It is true. I have never had a single sip of coffee. I once had a sip of some kind of crazy mixture of capachino that was full of all sorts of  non-coffee flavors but it wasn’t a real cup of coffee. I think it goes back to my childhood when my dad used to […]