Break My Heart – Clint Rhodes

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When you see the song “Break My Heart” it normally has by Unknown. Looks like it has finally been made public that it is by a Harding guy, Clint Rhodes. I was doing a search for some lyrics and I saw someone finally came out and connected him with the song. So no more “unknown.” Looks like you have been found out, Clint! I couldn’t think of a better guy to get some recognition.

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  1. Clint went to Harding for a year but spent the rest of his college years at Lubbock Christian. I wouldn’t really call him a Harding guy

  2. My wife and I knew him at Harding and knew that he was humble enough to write such a great song and never really wanted any credit for himself. Harding, Lubbock, ACU – all on the same team I should think.

  3. the AMAZING guy that wrote this is my youth minister!!!! he is really humble about his music, and always starts to blush when they play it at youth rallys and stuff. Go Clint!!!

  4. Does anyone know how to get in touch with Clint. I am trying to compile a teen song book and wanted to get his permission to use the song if possible. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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