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Bible Study – Just Pick a Book And Stick With It

Over the last couple of months in our 20s & 30s Bible class we spent several weeks talking about why study and how to study the Bible. Bottom line – pick a book of the Bible and start studying. We recommended the book of James as a good starting place and I started emailing aContinue Reading

Spiritual Snacks Will Never Fill You Up

I love snacks. I could snack all day. Chips, donuts, cokes, string cheese…I could probably make a list longer than all the types of shrimp Forrest and Bubba came up with. They are my weakness. What I have found over my years of snacking is that they never leave you full. Snacks are like throwingContinue Reading

What if…

What if we dropped Sunday morning Bible class for a week or even a month and asked people to pray for the full hour before coming to the worship service? I wonder if we might rely a little more on God and a little less on self. How do you think people would react?

What is the Purpose of Spiritual Disciplines?

I think there are times when the spiritual disciplines are used for all the wrong reasons. Maybe there are times we think we can leverage God to intervene in the ways we prefer if only we do the things he asks. What is intended as a relationship building activity ends up being a tool ofContinue Reading

What Does God Use to Grow Our Faith?

Our 20s/30s class has been watching Andy Stanley’s 5 Things God Uses to Grow Your Faith DVD (You can actually watch the messages at that link). He has observed over time and through talking with many people that there are 5 common factors that God predominantly uses to grow our faith. Here is his list:Continue Reading


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