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A Light Bulb Moment in Teaching the Bible – Try this out!

When we teach and when we are in class we are expecting to get more words from the teacher than the text. I propose a new approach. This is not something to do every time you teach but I have tried this and I think you will find it worth your while and a memorable experience for the class. Here is what I did…see how this might work out with other texts.

I was preparing to teach Wednesday night class last week. I wanted to teach the sermon on the mount but I didn’t want it to be the same old class on the sermon on the mount and I didn’t want it to take 13 weeks to get through it. What I realized that was a lightbulb for me was this – the original hearers of that sermon didn’t get a second shot at it. They didn’t get to stop Jesus every 5 verses, take notes, ask questions, and open commentaries. Jesus spoke it. They heard it. They had to remember it. What conversations do you think the hearers of that sermon had along the road on the way home? What did they do about it? More importantly, what do we do about it?

But before you can get into any of that you have to hear the sermon. I asked them not to look at their Bibles or even think they could refer back to the words they were going to hear. Pretend you will only hear this once…now what do you hear. Then I read the sermon through in one chunk…just as it was done in Jesus’ day (obviously he may have said more than that but you get my point). Then we discussed it for the rest of class based on what people actually remembered.

It was a beautiful discussion because we were fully engaged. Try it out and see what you think. Read a whole letter of Paul then discuss. Read whole sections of Genesis and let the pieces fit together and connections be heard together as they were meant to be heard. See what happens!

Writing Teacher Training Material – Seeking Feedback

I am considering writing up some teacher training material for adult Bible class teachers. Here are the topics I am considering. What would you add or subtract? Lesson 1 – Why? Purpose of Teaching the Bible Lesson 2 –  How? Study and Preparation Lesson 3 – How? Teaching the Material Lesson 4 – Dealing withContinue Reading

The Value of Collaboration & Team Teaching

Have you ever co-taught with someone? Five years ago the Spiritual Growth Workshop director asked Donny Dillon, Eric Brown and me to teach a class on outreach to young adults. It was one of my first big tastes of collaboration and I really enjoyed it. Beyond just being an enjoyable experience, I grew a lotContinue Reading

Highly Recommend Houston Heflin’s Teacher Equipping Workshop

This past Saturday we had Dr. Houston Heflin come and share some very practical thoughts about teaching with our teachers and small group leaders. He was engaging, informative and practiced what he preached. What I mean by that last part is that Houston actually incorporated the techniques he was teaching into the format of theContinue Reading

Changing Educational Paradigms – Ken Robinson

Missy showed me this video yesterday and I thought it was powerful in helping us recognize some of the limitations of how we have educated in the past and how we might improve the way we engage people with information and utilize their creativity to help them grow. While I have just a couple ofContinue Reading

Ten Principles for Grooming Future Teachers

The pool of people who are capable of teaching a Bible class with a high degree of skill is getting smaller and smaller. I am not saying that in reflection of those who teach at Northwest. Our teachers do a great job. But the number of people who are interested in teaching and skilled enoughContinue Reading


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