Changing Educational Paradigms – Ken Robinson

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Missy showed me this video yesterday and I thought it was powerful in helping us recognize some of the limitations of how we have educated in the past and how we might improve the way we engage people with information and utilize their creativity to help them grow. While I have just a couple of reservations on his broad brushing of ADD/ADHD he makes some excellent points that can really change the way we think about how we are educating people today. It really fell right in line with some of the thoughts I shared in the last post on raising up people who are able to teach. Do you agree? What impact would this have on Christian education and the methods we use to train people and teach the Bible?

I also noticed that he has a few books on this subject that may be worth looking into:
Out of Our Minds: Learning to Be Creative
The Element: How Finding Your Passion Changes Everything

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  1. He does make some very excellent points on the symptoms and possible causes and ultimate consequences of our socialized educational system. I am guessing (?) he is not a Christian, though, and may not be willing to admit or understand how Biblical values or how a Christian world-view would address these issues. He is very insightful in relating modern entertainment with ADHD (though perhaps not so much with parental discipline). I really appreciated the section on divergent thinking… In a secular society where our children are programmed what to think and how to think, this seems to be a lost art.

    What about home-schooling? 🙂

    Thanks for posting!

  2. Hey Matt, have you read Desiring The Kingdom by James K A Smith? He has some great points about how we learn and are educated; his main premise is that we humans are primarily embodied, desiring creatures, but that a lot of education, especially in churches, treats people more as thinking containers for putting information into. As a book it can be a little repetitive, but it would be well worth your time as a Christian educator.

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