What do You Know About Rob Bell?

I just started reading Velvet Elvis tonight. I have been hearing more and more about Rob Bell and wanted to find out for myself how good his material and writing is. I have been pleasantly surprised with how well this book has been written. He does a good job of integrating a large amount of […]

How much spam has Akismet blocked for you?

I just broke 14,000 spam emails blocked by Akismet. I am guessing that many of you get a lot more than that. I am always amazed at what people type to try to get their link on the blog. Most of it is computer generated like when I get a comment like, “that’s great” to […]

N.T. Wright on Emotionalism

From his chapter on A World Reborn: Revelation in Following Jesus: Biblical Reflections on Discipleship: We have allowed our proper dislike of emotionalism to deceive us into trying to ignore our emotions. But if Good Friday and Easter don’t stir our emotions, then the tyrant has indeed enslaved us. We have become like a garden […]

The Disease of Convenience

I have often thought of Type II Diabetes as the “Disease of Convenience.” That is more to keep myself from eating the things that will take me that route than it is entirely true. When I am in a rush I tend to eat and drink things that are not the best for me. That […]

Knowledge + Service

Bible knowledge has sometimes been stressed over service but the two go hand in hand. One without the other is dead. You can know all about God but no matter how much you study, memorize, or even teach you don’t really know God until you respond with your heart through loving service. How many times […]

Because He First Loved…Living By God’s Example

God asks us to do many difficult things: Love our enemies and pray for those who persecute us Take up our cross Leave your father and mother for his sake Humble ourselves In each of those things and in many others we see how God, through Christ, did those things first and asks us to […]

Fellowship: Differences Between Men & Women

Despite the last 30 years of trying to make men and women exactly the same it is still pretty obvious that we are different. This definitely shows up in how we fellowship with other Christians. Women are quick to talk about their feelings, their ups and downs, etc. They are certainly not afraid to be […]