Latest Paver Project Pictures

This is my third paver project. I did this for a friend a couple of weekends ago. We had to make a path in front of his houseĀ  for about 60 feet and then swing it through his gate. We hit the gate dead center. We should have started at the gate and worked our […]

Things I Learned from Paver Day

1 – Wear gloves 2 – Make sure 25 pound pavers don’t have hairline cracks when you pick them up. Pavers falling on your feet don’t feel so good. 3 – Use knee pads 4 – Call friends for help 5 – Use sunblock Here are some pictures. I am about 33% done with the […]

Paver Day!

Today is paver day. We have decided that if we had a more inviting backyard we might actually spend more time there. So I get to break my back and scratch up my knees and smash my fingers in order to make sure we spend more time out there. I cannot wait until this is […]