The Future of Youth Ministry – Kicking Off the Conversation

There is a conversation going on in youth ministry circles that you may not be aware of. After years of working with our teens there has been an outcry from within the ranks of youth ministry for something more. Youth ministers experience something that many other ministers do not…after years of working with their target […]

The Miracle Model of Youth Ministry

When I was a teenager, we did some really crazy things in our youth ministry. I wasn’t a super risky teen but I did like a thrill. Looking back I can see how youth ministry really played off of that. We went after one thrill after another. The standard ones included retreats, camp, Winterfest, Youth […]

Hurt by Chap Clark

Have any of you read “Hurt” by Chap Clark? Our youth minister has highly recommended that I read this book and has laid out the premise of it for me. Then I was speaking with another youth minister who also mentioned this book and how powerful it is in understanding today’s adolescent culture. From what […]