Casting a Vision for Evangelism: Church Steps in Action

In the last post I listed five steps that we believe most people who are seeking are going to fall into. How we use the 5 Steps: When we meet on Wednesday night we do two things with those five steps. First, we get new names by asking those who attend the class who they […]

Casting a Vision for Evangelism: Church Steps

Two years ago our ministers and elders read Andy Stanley’s book 7 Practices of Effective Ministry. One of the principles in that book is think steps, not programs. What he means by that is to think of how someone actually moves from where they are to where God desires them to be and then create […]

Casting a Vision for Evangelism: What We Are Doing

When I ministered at the Millington Church of Christ they had a ministry called the We Care Ministry. Each Sunday night we would meet before worship and go through attendance cards of who visited that morning. People would take notes and be assigned people to reach out to based on what needs were present. I […]